cropped-bw.jpgMy name is Kinga Kurek. As this is an “about” page it would be good to actually state what I do with my life. Still figuring it out. However between that I’m a Fashion Co-Ordinator for an online publication, Meade Magazine, searching for new talent, writing reviews and various articles, and creative directing and styling photo shoots. Having my styling and writing published in print of Meade both in February and June, 2015. It’s not too bad for 20 year old dyslexic.

Apart from expressing my opinion in Meade Magazine, I also run a fashion and lifestyle blog, Rock this Runway, making it my little online space to be vain. Doing it for over 3 years I can proudly say it’s been my longest commitment to date.  I have also worked for over 2 years with a luxury swimwear label, La Belle Neri, gaining the experience in pattern cutting, stitching and embellishment of the swimwear. I also tend to do bit of photography and modelling here and there.


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